What’s too much exercise?

Q – I usually workout twice a day and I’m on  this program too lose pesky trouble fat … I run for 30 mins in the morning – weight lift after dinner in the  evening. I make sure I replenish amount of calories as well.  Should I stop lifting weights?

A – We know that muscle weighs more than fat and you will lose weight but possibly not as much as the clinical trials.  We have had personal trainers on our program and they do the same exercise routine that they normally do.  They check their body fat percentage and that is more their goal.   The personal trainer also mentions to add in 75% of the burned calories into your daily total.  He never had low energy during his 28 days.  He was also taking two or three Rejuveniix 10 min or so before his workouts. If that doesn’t end up being an option, he says just add in that last 25% of calories. The idea is based on the fact our body’s stay above the caloric levels that trigger our starvation mode.  He only “lost” 8 lbs but gained 10 lbs of muscle. He was interviewed and the call is uploaded to this site. His before and after photo is shown and his weight loss and body fat percentage.  Go to the Testimonial page and click on Brock Keen.

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