This is a great website. I am curious if this is a distributor’s site or a company supported site?

Curious if this is something I can refer people to. It looks like a  company site, but not sure.

Thank you for your interest and feedback on the Slenderiix Support website.

The site was put together by a couple of our top leaders in ARIIX as a generic site for Slenderiix information. The testimonials are from any individual who has had success with Slenderiix.

If you know of someone that would like to share their Slenderiix story, just click on the link for Testimonials Wanted and fill out the information.

We also have a couple of volunteers that host the testimonial calls and answers the questions sent to us.

You can refer whoever you like to the site.  If someone is interested in ordering or enrolling, we will direct them to check with the person who introduced them to Slenderiix.

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