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Can I have olive oil?

Olive oil is not on the approved list for healthy fats.  The closer you adhere to the approved food list, the more success you will have. Coconut oil is an excellent choice.  Being that walnuts are on the approved healthy fats list, you can have walnut oil.  


Can I have sardines on the program?

Canned sardines are normally packed in olive oil or soybean oil. You will want to choose sardines packed in water. Look at the expiration date on the package to ensure that they are still fresh.  And, of course, track the calories.


Can you give me more detail on the ingredients and how Slenderiix and homeopathic actually works?

  Homeopathic medicines are manufactured through a specific pharmaceutical process called “potentization” in which the sub­stance is serially diluted, that is, it is diluted in a 1:10 or 1:100 solution of distilled water, vigorously shaken, diluted again, shaken again, and this process is continued many times.  They follow very specific drug laws and our products  Full Article…


What about artificial sweeteners in our beverages?

Splenda, Equal, Sweet and Low and other Aspartame products, are not “healthy choices”.  Besides losing weight on the Slenderiix program, it teaches a healthy lifestyle.  Artificial sweeteners have been known to cause several health issues and there is much controversy on this topic.  We want to get away from anything artificial and start including the healthier  Full Article…

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