Is there something in Slenderiix or Xceler8 that tells us why people are not gaining the weight back?

Question:  I haven’t had any rebound weight gain, and I’m not sure why.  I know I’m eating different; I know my relationship with food has completely changed, but is there something in Slenderiix or Xceler8 that tells us why people are not gaining the weight back ?

Dr. Marlisa Hurt’s Answer:  First, I want to mention that I think it’s very important for you to stay on the program for at least 8 weeks. If you reach your goal weight at 5 weeks, I would still recommend staying on it and maintaining that weight by adding an additional amount of protein for the duration of the full 8 weeks. It’s because of what I talked about with the hypothalmus pituitary disregulation.

That gets disrupted from stress and from chemicals in our food, and what we’re trying to do is reset that.  So we’re trying to reset the way our body responds to food.  That’s exactly what you’ve experienced.  Over time, you have learned how to create a food plan for yourself based on foods that are nutrient dense, that are really healthy and are putting fuel in your body — not foods that just take up space like Pop Tarts. . . .

So when you change your foods to healthier foods over a period of time, you experience that resetting of the way your body responds to food.  You reset your hypothalmus pituitary axis. That’s why Slenderiix and Xceler8 are so important . . . It undergirds your whole body’s response to the way it handles the food you put into your body.

I will tell you if you eat really healthy food for two months and then you go back to eating Krispy Kremes for breakfast and KFC for lunch, the weight will come back. The thing that’s really unique is that people do not want those foods that do not fuel their body anymore.  Your brain is reset and it tells you to go for the good food; you don’t have a taste for those things anymore.  But if you were to test yourself and say, “Oh, I think I’m going to go back to eating jelly donuts for a week and cheeseburgers and fries and see what happens,” well guess what? Those food chemicals are going to affect you again and you are going to tear down that hypothalamus pituitary axis once again.

But if you go through the program and you continue to make healthy choices, you’ll realize that your body will tell you when you’re hungry, and you can trust what it’s telling you.  Before you go on the program and that HPA axis is disrupted, we experience cravings and we feel like we need to eat all the time, and we say, “Oh, what do I feel like eating? Potato Chips!” . . . . Those things go away when you put fuel into your body along with the anti-stress nutrients that are in our formula.  So the long term effect is if you continue those habits, you’ll realize the body is capable of eating more calories without gaining weight because it responds in a healthy way to food again.

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