Is it ok to eat pasta and sugar free ice cream and not ruin what I have lost?

In regards to your question, it depends.  If the pasta and sugar free ice cream is made from refined flours or artificial ingredients, you will gradually start to gain the weight back.  Of course, again it depends.  If you are at a party or out to dinner and there are no other healthy choices and you have a little, it should not totally set you back.  What it will do, is increase your cravings again.
Remember, being on the Slenderiiz program encourages a healthy lifestyle change of making healthier choices and that is what will keep your weight off.  If you go back to bad choices, you will slowly gain your weight back.
The best thing to do is have healthy alternatives.  For pasta, go to your health food store and look at labels and see which ones are “whole grains”.  An excellent choice is the Ezekiel brand…it is made from sprouted whole grains.  But remember the calories involved and you do not want to fill yourself with a lot of pasta….you want to make sure you are having a salad and/or veggies to take up the major portion of your plate.  Another idea is to use spaghetti squash as a pasta.  When baked, you take a fork and it comes out in strings.  Put your marinara sauce over it and you are good to go.  Another idea some are doing is taking a spiralizer and making raw zucchini noodles and then putting sauce over it.  You can search online for a spiralizer and they are fairly inexpensive.
Sugar free ice cream, more than likely has artificial sweeteners.  If you do a search online, you will find lots of contradicting information.  There are many from the health community that believe the following:
Research has repeatedly shown that artificial no- or low-calorie sweeteners are anything but good news for weight loss… Contrary to popular belief, studies have found that artificial sweeteners such as aspartame can…..Stimulate your appetite…..Increase carbohydrate cravings…..Stimulate fat storage and weight gain.
Now, yet another study has been published showing that saccharin and aspartame cause greater weight gain than sugar.
Sugar and white flour comprise two of the three most common forms of carbohydrates: sugars and starches. Although sugar is an example of a simple carbohydrate and white flour is an example of a complex carbohydrate, both have the net effect of rapid metabolism that can cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Because of the rate at which these substances metabolize, along with their lack of nutritional value, removing sugar and white flour from your diet can have a positive effect on your health.
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