I have been drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast forever, would this be a restriction on this diet?

It would be a good idea for you to look at the ingredients list of the Carnation Instant Breakfast.  You will find that sugar is within the first 3 ingredients….not good.

Also, if you drink the No Sugar variety, it still has sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener.

The Slenderiiz program is about losing weight but yet so much more.  It is teaching you to get away from all the bad foods and ingredients.

Artificial sweeteners, GMO’s, preservatives and etc are harmful to the body.

The drops work excellent when you adhere to the “Approved Food List” and when you do that along with drinking all of your water, it will flush out those toxins that has been accumulated.

A great option to replace the Instant Breakfast, would be the PureNourish Snack/Meal Replacement.  This is a solution for having a pure snack or meal replacement without all of the “bad” ingredients!  Check out the great healthy recipes using the PureNourish at http://slenderiixsupport.com/healthy-recipes/beveragessmoothies/

And remember, this is not a “diet”….it is eating a healthy lifestyle and switching from the old ways to the new healthy ways. And your body will thank you for that!

To order the PureNourish product, get back together with the person who introduced you to Slenderiix.  If you don’t know who that person is, go to the Contact Us page, and we will direct you on how to order.

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