How is this different from the HCG diet besides more calories? Also can we mix vegetables? With HCG you can’t.

Dr. Marlisa Hurt was involved with early research of the HCG weight loss program,  While the diet seemed to be effective, it had many negative side effects and risks, such as low energy, hair loss, loose floppy skin that resembled shrunken prunes, loss of sexual function and signs of further disruption of hormone balance. Even those who are on medication for thyroid or anxiety and depression, must go off these medications in order to participate on an HCG weight loss program, and this is risky and can have unpredictable outcomes with long term consequences.

Dr. Hurt’s most recent research is with the all-natural homeopathic formula called Slenderiix, which provides a safe alternative to the HCG Weight Loss program by giving quick results without the negative side effects. Clients won’t experience the shriveled skin, will maintain the same body shape (only smaller), and won’t experience a lack of energy.  There are no known side effects and there are no contraindications with any prescription medications and using any homeopathic product, including Slenderiix.

The meal plan that goes with Slenderiix is 2 1/2 times more calories than HCG.  HCG is so limited, if you even eat a bite of food that is not on the list, you will gain weight and probably not lose weight until after 3 days of doing everything perfect again.  This does not require that kind of strictness to achieve a certain blood chemistry to be effective.  As far as mixing vegetables…You can choose what you want from the approved list or combine it all.

With Slenderiix you experience NO rebound weight gain once you have lost your weight and stopped the drops as long as you maintain your healthy eating lifestyle, even if you cheat now and then.  With HCG and only 500 calories, that is not always the case.

Here is a recording Dr. Marlisa Hurt made.  Begin at minute mark 24:00 for specific differences between HCG and Slenderiix.

This answer was provided by Marlisa Hurt, Ph.D. in Anti-aging Medicine, Certified Clinical Practitioner and  Integrative Medicine/Therapeutic Nutrition.

Dr. Marlisa Hurt has worked for seven years in private and holistic health centers in major hospitals in Virginia. Dr Hurt has counseled overweight and morbidly obese patients. In her counseling, Dr Hurt has been able to work with people who need to lose 20 to 150 pounds. Following her counsel, patients have been able to lose the weight and keep it off permanently. She has seen first hand what happens when the Slenderiiz System is put into place.

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