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Will drinking 4oz of wine cause a problem with the Slenderiix program?

While you are on Phase 2 of the Slenderiix program, wine is not on the approved list.  With that being said, we know some people have had a glass once in awhile.  It may slow your weight loss down a couple of days or so….every person is different.  On the Slenderiix program, we are to  Full Article…


Since coconut oil is approved and so good for us, can we have coconut flour?

Even though coconut flour is great, we would not recommend it during the first 28 days of ultimate fat burn on the Slenderiix program…..depending on how insulin resistant the person is, they would not lose weight by adding in those types of foods. Dr. Marlisa Hurt starts everyone strict to see how they respond…..if they  Full Article…


I do not see coffee listed….can we have it?

According to homeopathic principles, coffee does neutralize the efficacy of the homeopathic ingredients.  It’s not the caffeine…as we saw in the clinical trial that those who also added Rejuveniix lost 16% more weight. We have  heard people say they drink coffee and it still works, but  it’s difficult to know how much weight they “could  Full Article…


Is doing a cleanse with Restoriix supportive for the Slenderiix program, and, if so, how should it be used and what effect does it have?

The recommended protocol for optimal results while using the Slenderiix and Xceler8 weight loss system includes detoxification of your body with Restoriix.  It also nourishes your body with ‘super nutrients’ such as Chlorella, Spirulina, Chia Seeds, Chlorophyllin and Ginger Root and balancing pH levels. Slenderiix and Xceler8, combined with Restoriix  offers you the ultimate in  Full Article…

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