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How is this different from the HCG diet besides more calories? Also can we mix vegetables? With HCG you can’t.

Dr. Marlisa Hurt was involved with early research of the HCG weight loss program,  While the diet seemed to be effective, it had many negative side effects and risks, such as low energy, hair loss, loose floppy skin that resembled shrunken prunes, loss of sexual function and signs of further disruption of hormone balance. Even  Full Article…


The scale is not showing that I’m losing weight, but my clothes are getting loose. Do I need to be worried about the scale?

The scale is not the be all end all.  If your clothes are looser and you are losing inches, this is good.  Many things can affect the scale such as water, weight fluctuations and muscle gain.  As long as you are seeing positive changes there is no need to worry. Please Share…Facebook0LinkedinTwitteremail


When I look at this program on what I will be eating, wouldn’t I lose weight anyway without the drops?

It takes 90 days of starvation before your body is able to access the stored visceral fat as fuel.  The Slenderiix and Xceler8 are like hitting a reset button in your brain that allows your body to burn this unhealthy stored fat as fuel.  When you diet alone you are not losing this visceral fat  Full Article…

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