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Is it ok to eat pasta and sugar free ice cream and not ruin what I have lost?

In regards to your question, it depends.  If the pasta and sugar free ice cream is made from refined flours or artificial ingredients, you will gradually start to gain the weight back.  Of course, again it depends.  If you are at a party or out to dinner and there are no other healthy choices and  Full Article…


What about artificial sweeteners in our beverages?

Splenda, Equal, Sweet and Low and other Aspartame products, are not “healthy choices”.  Besides losing weight on the Slenderiix program, it teaches a healthy lifestyle.  Artificial sweeteners have been known to cause several health issues and there is much controversy on this topic.  We want to get away from anything artificial and start including the healthier  Full Article…


Will drinking 4oz of wine cause a problem with the Slenderiix program?

While you are on Phase 2 of the Slenderiix program, wine is not on the approved list.  With that being said, we know some people have had a glass once in awhile.  It may slow your weight loss down a couple of days or so….every person is different.  On the Slenderiix program, we are to  Full Article…


I do not see coffee listed….can we have it?

According to homeopathic principles, coffee does neutralize the efficacy of the homeopathic ingredients.  It’s not the caffeine…as we saw in the clinical trial that those who also added Rejuveniix lost 16% more weight. We have  heard people say they drink coffee and it still works, but  it’s difficult to know how much weight they “could  Full Article…

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